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See in divine dragon the head does not see end ” new generation battleplan ” go up before naval vessel, annihilate – 15 it is China’s exclusive carrier-borne battleplan, useful it may not be a bad idea, trashy it may not be a bad idea, be it. Guess commonly, “New generation battleplan ” the deepness that is Gu eagle changes greatly, be opposite the most possibly mark F-35C, do not go after speed and maneuverability, but emphasize perception of range, advanced posture and big bomb load. Before knowing more detail, the Gu is fertilizer that as a temporary measure weighs. Fat Gu will not be annihilate – of 15 replace, complement however. Annihilate – 15 still have be used greatly.

Think commonly, fat Gu will with annihilate – 15 will cooperate to use, but how to cooperate?

Annihilate – 15 it is machine of the first kind of carrier-borne of our country, but not be transitory transfer type

Making in fighting for nothing, fat Gu, annihilate – 15 can make some kind of bag blast, the annihilate of long-range empty empty missile in a large number of carrying – 15 nick line is made in pocket bottom. Fat Gu is formed in pocket side ambush a line, use enemy’s situation of ascertain of concealed body advantage, tip off information, and sniper’s shot snipe, kill and wound and weaken enemy effective strength, reduce annihilate – the burden of 15, and annihilate – concentrated firepower check is used 15 times in bag bottom. Pocket blast it is a form only, can become L entity according to needing easily change blast wait for other lineup, even the T word of warship times blast.

Such ambushing the union with nick is deadly to be not the adversary of concealed body, concealed body adversary is disadvantageous also and rushed rush. Of although concealed body adversary is smooth too fat Gu ambush a line, also have by the apprehension of outflank the enemy and attack him in the rear. The antagonism between concealed body battleplan still is a cosmopolitan difficult problem, everybody did not include medical service the method of 100 disease, the in a sense must draw lessons from the antagonism between submarine. But have between battleplan mix through keeping secret low intercept and capture probability / low exploration probability (abbreviation LPI/LPD) the advantage that catenary of high speed data coordinates each other, this and submarine fight have essence to differ.

On the other hand, the annihilate that also can use the body that be not concealed – 15 before piece as bait, ambush what adversary introduces fat Gu circle. This is not to want annihilate – 15 go sending character, want to fat Gu ambushs the likelihood that the line exists only, the other side is disadvantageous and rushed rush.

Prospective China navy and unit of airplane of American naval carrier-borne are same, the period that should enter machine of 3 generation, 4 generation possibly to coexist for a long time

Such concealed body and the union with the empty true the actual condition that is not concealed body battleplan make the other side very bad judgement, fat Gu ambushs a line to be in extremely possibly ” shark wall ” (annihilate – 15 also weigh flying shark) before, be in possibly also later, or two side. Necessary when still can play help meet an urgent need of a presenting a bold front to conceal a weak defence, because a variety of reasons fail,seasonable deploy fat Gu ambushs a line, but do be like some appearance, force enemy plane to dare not let go the action.

When turning over naval vessel rightly to atttack, likewise OK and agile configuration. If adversary has concealed body battleplan, system of missile of powerful perhaps air defence, body of concealed of fat Gu support and from convoy ability, hold the position of main attack, annihilate – 15 bring up the rear, hold the position of air battle covering offer long-range firepower to assist, covering perhaps backtrack. If adversary is not concealed body battleplan only, the system of air defence missile that meets relatively easily perhaps, use fat Gu clear the way, concealed body is irruptive, clear away an obstacle, turn into sky next covering, ambush and the battleplan of the other side of interpose comes before intercept; Annihilate – regard bomb as 15 times the lorry, can increase a weapon to carry sort and scope of application greatly so.

Such combination sets pair of award with American naval F-18E and F-35C actually. As similar as F-35C, fat Gu abandons speed, maneuverability, those who change is concealed body, big range and big bomb load. Often mean missile Vs battleplan in energy for emergency use when, the problem with the battleplan itself insufficient maneuverability of emissive missile is in a lot of circumstances are OK desalt.

But if say fat Gu is equivalent to the F-35C of double hair, so annihilate – 15 bigger than F-18E, heavier, speed, maneuverability, range is more outstanding, have the space inside greater opportunity, the potential that carries more advanced electron equipment is greater also, in order to compensate the inadequacy of concealed body respect. The electronic equipment ability of newest F-18E Block 3 and F-35C are about the same, this is the technology that Boeing will plan to be used at JSF formerly turns the result that uses. Of the electronic warfare system that F-18E still plans to carry EA-18G originally simplify edition, cancelled because of cost pilot reason later.

Annihilate – the airframe of 15 is very new still, still have a large number of odd life, be worth to consider to undertake to electronic equipment deepness upgrades, the key sweeps catenary of radar, data and electronic warfare system in the active report of LPI/LPD. When making appearance concealed body, achieve the signal concealed body of certain level.

Who is right appearance concealed body very familiar with sth, but signal concealed body actually coequal and important, more important even. The action of appearance concealed body is explore actively instead, when radar of the other side has been swept, perhaps avoid to produce strong echo, perhaps make echo twinkles change, make lock up hard calm. Signal concealed body is pseudo-random changes an electromagnetic wave that emits actively, low power is changed, camouflage is become ” transient now and then ” harmless signal.

Real ground is not the Sukhavati of electromagnetic wave, all sorts of mixed and disorderly electromagnetic wave had been swept often, it is minatory that impossible feeling is maintained by any electromagnetic wave. This goes up to be tailed instead with respect to the main street that resembles be like crucian carp in stream of people, cannot eye has swept somebody to be maintained is to be tailed, whether is the eye that should watch opposite party however locked up be in surely oneself, whether to have certain law (time for instance had swept, perhaps dodge of purpose) . Radar early-warning also is same, the signal format that be decided with stable high-power lock commonly and makes clear is spark mechanism. LPI/LPD is used namely look like random fling, and reduce power the echo that forms enough energy quite only, so that be in,obtain enough target information while, realize signal concealed body.

Low can intercepting and capture principle radar is the space that the distance that lets hostile interference machine receive our radar signal explores enemy plane under our radar actually, come true thereby ” concealed body is explored “

Passivity is explored is the most complete signal concealed body of course, using passive radar to explore a target is very active domain. This is not the electromagnetism signal that shows passivity accepts target scattering, locate however according to the reflex that goes up in the target from tripartite electromagnetic wave. Pure detect echo can directional, cannot range finding. But the echo that detects quite and the tripartite electromagnetic wave that accept from direct approach, foregone the source position of tripartite electromagnetic wave, with respect to distance of OK and computative target. The key here is to should affirm echo and the signal that receive directly are the same as a source, also make detect with voice so.

To messy electromagnetic wave source, agree with voice sex very hard truly. But if have foregone electromagnetic wave source, if this terrestrial electricity inspects radar of station of stage, microwave radical, long-range illuminate, have idea. So, this also can be used at the radar in a group of planes switchs on the mobile phone randomly by turns, offer illuminate each other, the exploration that prevents opposite party at the same time and make instead. tripartite electromagnetic wave is returned can offer by the unmanned aircraft that accompanies the action, want caution nevertheless, passive exploration the other side also can be used, tripartite electromagnetic wave also announced likely the action of friendly forces, need energy of careful program illuminate and way.

The illuminate direction of passive radar keeps away from easily body of concealed of concealed body plane is best forward, the ability of plane of exploration concealed body is more more effective than increasing power from the front. Concealed body plane is just like dumb smooth object, the brightness that increases hand report is not tweak, changing an angle, discovery to show spot, flashy side just is the shortcut that explores effectively.

Passive radar principle pursues

If the other side opens radar pertly greatly, wide and accuse, that is easier. When emissive power is same, passive exploration distance increases one times at least than be being explored actively, and concealed body plane also is to cannot leave radar, just pretend radar signal harmless signal with LPI/LPD. Adopt LPI/LPD data catenary and trigonometry fixed position, can realize effective passivity to explore, do not need passive radar.

Body of outer form concealed is short of the case that lose to fall, signal concealed body conduces to use exploration distance advantage and long-range weapon, start blow first before the other side is aware of and be made instead, achieve the equivalent result of concealed body plane. This is very useful to be not concealed body plane.

LPI/LPD still can be united in wedlock with electronic antagonism photograph, puissant suppress and LPI/LPD are explored alternant, make the other side hard comfortable from. But electronic antagonism is unfavorable depend on high-power, electronic antagonism also wants concealed body to change, digital radio frequency is remembered (abbreviation DRFM) it is concealed body opposed a kind. This is the collection of signal of encode electromagnetic wave the other side comes down, after increasing delay time, cooperate to manage with accurate power, reappearance goes back. Because this is former signal, have correct weaveform, frequency and feature of all error correction and check bogus, differentiate impossibly in theoretic the other side come out true bogus. DRFM can lengthen the time that echo arrives at to be more than the false appearance that is apart from actually in order to make presentative distance not only, still can use signal to repeat frequency, production idea is apart from the false appearance that is less than actual distance. This can be used at disturbing the radar of battleplan of the other side not only, also can use at disturbing empty missile of sky of radar control and guide, air defence missile.

Use maneuverability to explore plane of hostile concealed body to be able to increase discovery from different way probability

High-power floods type interference to be in only theoretic effective, waste the frequency space that did not use in the other side as a result of great majority power actually, like be like tun to spill water to hit mosquito, make very easily instead. If high-power interference machine is clingy by covering target, easier confess without being pressed.

The advanced active report that digitlizes highly sweeps radar and LPI/LPD is to match absolutely. Active report sweeps aerial to also suit to be used at passivity to accept, use at data catenary and electronic antagonism even. Active report sweeps aerial to blast off and just accept a system of electromagnetic wave, be not being cared about is to be used at radar, interference or data catenary, still can hold two or more posts concurrently even navigation (landform mapping, landform dogs) with identification friend or foe (cooperative type and blame collaboration type) .

The method that another body that oppose hidden from view explores is infra-red. Traditional close infra-red and adjacent visible light, resolution is high, but ring of be deceived Hou Ying is bigger, exploration space is limited also. The wavelengh outside Yuan Gong is longer, exploration distance increases greatly, noise of be deceived Hou Ying is lesser, useful sex increases greatly. Also be fluctuant outside Yuan Gong, can use with the principle that accuses a likeness, with stare array to finish extensive role is searched and dog. Cooperate with range finding of pulse of laser of short, random, it is the strong auxiliary exploration step of LPI/LPD radar.

Confluence of Chinese the army and the people once had exhibited on exposition of technical equipment Beijing 2015 the EOTS-86 that star of boat of one Taichun land develops is airborne inside search of the photoelectricity that bury type aims at a system. According to introducing: Comfortable outfit at annihilate – 20, annihilate – 31, SU-27 series, T-50, revive 34, banging 6K, graph – 160 wait for type; The search outside containing Yuan Gong, medium infra-red dog, laser is measured according to wait for a variety of exploration mode; The circumstance of machine can close to fall in radar with empty – empty, empty – range pattern is searched and dog target, position of accurate directive target. Can accuse radar to cooperate to use with system of infra-red and panoramic search, airborne fire, the target that searchs to them undertakes dogging accurately, fixed position and aim at, guide punching bag of airborne weapon system. Can aim at a linkage to work with helmet. To F-22 discovery is apart from 110 kilometers, to B-2 discovery is apart from 150 kilometers, weight 48 kilograms (lighter than 90 kilograms of the EOTS of F-35 almost half) , life 10000 hours (20 years) . Although call a discount to advertisement language, this also is very encouraging.

Although according to conduct propaganda data is hit fold, EOTS-86 the value of this kind of infra-red exploration system also is very big

The England before this ” typhoon ” battleplan discovers F-22 with infra-red exploration system according to saying to ever was on 45 kilometers

Annihilate – the platform of 15 is older, but potential is very great. Revive – the fuel coefficient of 27 is as high as 40% , it is contemporary battleplan in foregone and highest. Annihilate – of 15 on naval vessel changes his costume or dress want weightening finish, but use advanced material and after production technology, weightening finish control is compared revive – 33 be close friends, fuel coefficient loss is not big. After using eject to take off, annihilate – 15 hopeful add takeoff weight significantly, be helpful for be in carry advanced electron system while, increase bomb load.

Annihilate – 15 still can match those who use concealed body to protect cabin of form weapon pod, with ” stick ” between double hair ” channel ” those who fall is large protect form pod cabin to hang carry the ammunition such as bomb of empty empty missile, small diameter, reduce resistance, it is to improve concealed body more. This is already adjacent ” silent eagle ” .

Annihilate – 15 still have carry large size the condition of heavy load, fat Gu accomplishs this harder. The motor-driven overload that reduce also means wing structure ” softer ” , unfavorable carry heavy-duty outside hang. But in contemporary sea empty war, large outside the value that hang is higher and higher. Hypersonic speed missile admittedly length is very big, the dimension of the unmanned aircraft that can put in in sky, weight is very considerable also.

The action in having man-machine to be contended for in contemporary sea air battle is very active topic. Unmanned aircraft opened brand-new scope of operation, have impracticable hardly, want to be less than only. Large and unmanned aircraft resembles man-machine takes off from aircraft carrier eject euqally admittedly, block all alone descends, but small-sized and unmanned aircraft also so do, resource of wasteful and valuable aircraft carrier board. Small-sized and unmanned aircraft can be carried by carrier-borne plane, put in in war zone, with carry machine companion to fly, or before piece, side goes out, Gao Fei, low fly, offer all sorts of scout, search, fixed position, feign to move, the function such as illuminate, interference, bait, return to base automatically when the task is finished.

Of course, small-sized and unmanned aircraft is OK by carry machine put in in sky, reclaim should think way additionally, still had better be need not undertake to aircraft carrier board. Weight of small-sized and unmanned aircraft is light, all sorts of answering receive plan to be able to offer a consideration. Adopt the special flight attitude that man-machine is used hard even, reclaiming level hangs down to fly continuously, with thrust control drops, parachute is used to reclaim on air cushion in final phase, want very small board area to be able to come true only so, include the helicopter board of general warship. Be no good really, still can fall in the umbrella on the offing near the warship, reclaim by helicopter. Of course, if return to base when be far from a fleet, helicopter reclaims impossible, that has self-destruction only.

Annihilate – 15D and annihilate – of 15 powerful outside the fundamental value place that hanging ability also is them

Large load can outside hang, it is cosmopolitan to the attention of this problem. Air force plans B-2 of regressive before 2030 battle and B-1B, but the B-52 that has been grandfather generation should be used at least however 2040, because,be of B-52 large outside hang ability to cannot be replaced. The B-21 of new research and development is right large outside hang it is not clear to whether consider to return somewhat, possible B-52 continues even old but vigorous goes down. Air force buys a batch of F-15X newly, the reason is very much, but comfortable at outside hanging large load also is a reason. Chinese air man is right bang – the family dependant love of 6 also is same reason, still have annihilate – 16. To Chinese navy, this is annihilate – 15.

Considering annihilate – 15 continue to be used for a long time even, in heavy repair and upgrading, should referenced United States renovates experience to the overhaul of F-15, according to annihilate – 11, annihilate – 15, annihilate – the 16 use experience that wait for agnate plane, specific aim ground changes and strengthen structural member, undertake to the digital framework of airborne system adaptability is transformed, in order to get used to the need of new ground of informatization, network.

Annihilate – 15 useful still? Have be used greatly.