On March 26, the department of defense holds routine press conference, spokesman Ren Guojiang moderates and answer reporter quizs.


According to Taiwan media coverage, late on March 16, the liberation army is empty alarm – 500, annihilate – 11 etc model opportunity for combat is in press close to of Taiwan southwest open waters ” channel central line ” undertake night flight or navigation trains, stage opportunity for combat enters the space answer. Media says, liberation army this action is very unusual, show instead ” stage alone ” battle force did not suffer epidemic situation effect. Occupy beautiful navy additionally spokesman of the 7th fleet says, “Maikekanbeier ” date missile destroyer passed through on March 25 taiwan strait, say beautiful navy will continue to be in what law of nations allows to sail anyplace. Excuse me to this He Ping is talked?

Ren Guojiang:

Taiwan is China impartible cut one share. The series military affairs such as drilling of cruise of combat readiness of liberation army organization, combination acts, aim to maintain state sovereignty and territorial integrity, maintain peace and stability of Taiwan Strait area, maintain the common interest of cross-strait brethren, those who be aimed at is ” stage alone ” force and its dissension act.

What need points out is, since close period of time, the United States just is on Taiwan problem inactive motion is constant, include to allow Lai Qingde to go to joint hearing of beautiful activity, United States to discuss through alleged ” Taipei act ” , send a warship to pass ship for many times taiwan strait is waited a moment. Beautiful square concerned practice interferes China badly municipal, play havoc with Taiwan Strait peace and stability, serious drug is Sino-US two countries two army relation, to ” stage alone ” force releases wrong signal, it is extremely dangerous. Just express to resent strongly and object stoutly to this in. We do not allow foreign force to hit absolutely ” Taiwan card ” , not allow to bear any forms absolutely ” stage alone ” disrupt conspire and act. The liberation army has sturdy volition, sufficient confidence, sufficient capacity to frustrate all disrupt activities, maintain state sovereignty and territorial integrity.

(primary problem is ” the department of defense: Not allow to bear any forms absolutely ” stage alone ” disrupt conspire and act ” )