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One of opportunity for combat of annihilate is the most advanced the Five Dynasties on the 20 worlds before serving as eye, own very outstanding 4S property, and among them most important is radar and function of infra-red concealed body, this is distinction of machine of the Five Dynasties at 4 acting machine differ at all! Annihilate 20 undertook from the respect such as coating of spout of pneumatic design, intake duct end, surface deepness is optimized, achieved radar finally to reflex cut area to have the breathtaking result under 0.01 square metre only! Use this one property, annihilate 20 empty network can be prevented in war breakthrough enemy, direct development enemy condition, atttack plane of position of missile of its decisive direct headquarters, radar station, air defence, early-warning to wait for main goal, break down quickly capability of warfare of the other side, achieve one sword to seal the death warrant effect of larynx!

▲ annihilate 20 simply too beautiful!

To improve concealed body result, annihilate 20 used as identical as F22 and F35 inside buy plays cabin design, weapon astringent at machine abdomen, fold again next play hatchcover, did not destroy the integral pneumatic layout of the plane already, also can utmost reduces a weapon to appear brought additional radar reflexes signal. Buy is played inside although cabin is very advantageous to concealed body, but also bring an inevitable blemish however, because battleplan itself volume is limited, the size that buy plays cabin inside also gets great limitation, at present the buy inside 20 machine abdomen plays annihilate cabin can carry 4 sky to fire missile, the buy inside two side plays cabin to be able to carry a sky to fire missile respectively, add in also do not cross 6, although will not narrow empty missile of thunder series sky,can be in machine abdomen plays cabin memory to put 6, that also has 8 only just! With annihilate 12 weapons of 16 are hanged ability photograph is hanged to compare outside nodding those who mix 12 tons, interior plays cabin look to play a quantity to appear inferior by comparison!

▲ annihilate 20 inside buy plays cabin, register a drop for 6 at present, future can be extended it is 8

So annihilate 20 is ability hanged outside be being had after all? Outside when just needing concealed body opportunity for combat to undertake is the weapon hanged to fight? From annihilate the design of 20 looks, it has each in two side wing the drop is registered outside two burden, every outside register a drop bearing should can achieve 1 ton or so, no matter be 89 kilograms empty empty missile or bomb of hundreds kilograms laser control and guide, these 4 outside hang a dot to be able to bear. If calculate,go up these 4 burden register a drop, calculate again on inside buy plays cabin most 8 carry gently register a drop, the weapon of 20 hangs annihilate the dot also can achieve 12, hang loading capacity to also can achieve 10 tons or so, do not compare annihilate 16 weak too much, the bomb truck of the body is concealed that can say even!

Do not cross annihilate 20 sacrifice concealed body sex changes more powerful weapon to hang carry the high-tech war that actually environment of not applicable and complex electromagnetism leaves capacity! Annihilate 20 it is in the fixed position of my army to tear apart a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success of system of enemy air defence, and this must park of concealed body ability the most significant position! If be,had entered complete superiority state in the war, network of enemy air defence is destroyed already basically, battlefield danger is spent reduce, below the circumstance that lacks in 3 acting machine so, annihilate 20 mode is hanged to execute the mission outside also can be being used. Besides, in the battle of lean to one side of strength six to one, if ability of air defence of the other side is very puny, so annihilate 20 mode is hanged to fight outside also can be being used. American F22 once was like like entering an place without anyone the Mohammedan country that has atttacked Syrian churchyard is horrible constituent end.

▲ annihilate 20 outside hang 4 auxiliary tank

Of F35 of ▲ U.S. Army outside hang beast mode

Of course, with annihilate no matter the machine of 20 the Five Dynasties that are a delegate are to use inside buy or outside hang mode, can saying only on battlefield is to raise survival rate as far as possible, but unwarrantable also absolute safety. In those days overbearing temporarily F117 goatsucker attack plane, performance of its concealed body is even more excellent than F22 even, but is because is an isolated force thorough,finally still and by south of allied antiaircraft forces ambush hit? Because this is on prospective battlefield, the concealed body ability that is good at using machine of the Five Dynasties is admittedly important, but still need to change tactics ceaselessly according to the change of spot situation, any constrained at onefold inside buy is played cabin and outside hang play worn mode to cannot be taken, agile and clever reasonable the key that using high-tech weapon just is vanquish the enemy abstruse justice!

Because ▲ is excessive the attack plane of F117 concealed body that depend on concealed body ability and retires ahead of schedule