Origin: Vast sky of electric wave shake

On March 25, media of airborne military government released soldier of several pieces of my army to use simple soldier rocket launcher to have the picture of ball cartridge target practice, from the point of the appearance of quiver of photograph medium baking temperature, it very resembling is rocket launcher of Chan Bing of homebred DZJ08 80mm, but blast off go out bombing put oneself in another’s position is however very fine, the exuviate armor-piercing projectile that similar tank uses plays the thing like core. This was 2015 actually home alarm exhibit the Chan Bing of new-style DZA11 type that goes up to pass publicly to invade thorough to kill and wound with equipment play, and this also is this after accusing equipment unit appear first. Should be being played basically is to be used at be to hiding at the back of ferroconcrete defence works of the enemy kill and wound, have again so ” blockhouse killer ” monicker.

Bomb put oneself in another’s position very fine

DZA11 type simple soldier invades thorough to kill and wound play

DZA11 type simple soldier invades thorough to kill and wound playing is a when from DZJ08 80mm Chan Bing the development on foundation of rocket launcher of assault fortified positions comes out special ammo actually, its emissive share is so primary continue to use the off-the-peg design of 08 rocket launcher, with 08 identical glass reinforced plastics for instance fiber launchs a canister, also use a balance to cast at the same time shoot emissive principle. So called balance is cast shooting is to use momentum conservation principle actually, medium is cast to use up kick after using, the earliest it is not to have recoil artillery piece to use. Prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan without recoil the gas of high speed gunpowder that is the gush after using makes balance medium nevertheless, although kick is to reduce, but also have emissive sound too big, expose the weakness of emissive position easily. And 08 rocket launcher are to use plastic piece do balance projectile, reduced the noise when blasting off and the impact to the environment effectively, and still can indoors airtight space is used.

2015 alarm exhibit the DZA11 type Chan Bing that go up to invade thorough to kill and wound with equipment play

DZJ08 assault fortified positions is played

This DZA11 type and before 08 assault fortified positions play a different place to depend on it this invades thorough to kill and wound bomb put oneself in another’s position. Although it and 08 it is structure of two class ram, but they are completely different to the puncture principle of the ferroconcrete, 08 assault fortified positions play a bit similar series connection to defeat armour to play, one class first detonate, use efflux of high speed metal to be on the ferroconcrete starting a hole, 2 class kill and wound battle ministry to follow explode into delay time, destroy ferroconcrete structure thoroughly, kill and wound personnel. And DZA11 is similar armor-piercing projectile, use high speed kinetic energy, punch on the ferroconcrete forcibly, hit detonate of the interiorly after wearing to kill and wound personnel. This kind of kinetic energy invades the key of thorough to depend on needing high rate, so of DZA11 bomb put oneself in another’s position very fine, resistance is reduced when be helpful for flying. The initial velocity bombing put oneself in another’s position that because use a balance to cast,shoots a principle to blast off nevertheless is very low, want to raise those who bomb put oneself in another’s position to approach thorough capacity so, must want to undertake 2 times acceleration to bombing put oneself in another’s position in the process that invade thorough, of DZA11 played body to use distinctive explosive drive to quicken a design. It is in hit the target after concrete, the flight speed that plays body to rely on itself first undertakes invading thorough, after brief delay time, play the detonate of 2 class ram with hind body, the department of one class action that the detonation wave that explodes right now can give forehead for an instant gifts energy, destroy concrete at the same time fight the ability that invade thorough. Ministry of one class action is energy of have the aid of continues to invade thorough ahead, hit the of people of talent that wears concrete to explode, blockhouse inside or the enemy at the back of concrete is killed.


Of DZA11 enlist in army, make my army is making do hostile blockhouse and when having town a street battle much a kind of god implement, should be being played nevertheless is not special only actually at atttacking blockhouse of this kind of solid defence works. Exhibit according to domestic matters pertaining to defense on public information shows, the fusee of this ammo has two kinds of pattern, one kind is the delay time pattern that is used at hitting concrete defence works, still one is plant is to explode for nothing mode, basically use. Because this rocket launcher is Chan Bing to carry one-time use, do not take an authorized strength, the light foot that suits to deserve to send lack to turn over armor and ability of assault fortified positions very much so is used, it should meet tomorrow and 08 what make fire of team and group of my army dogface together with the Chan Bing rocket launcher such as PF11 is important.