Origin: Northland matters pertaining to defense

In recent years, the foreign trade exit of Chinese war industry moves toward high-end market gradually, while a large number of advanced platform class weapons are exported, weapon of relevant form a complete set needs naturally also to be exported external, the homebred weapon weighing a pound with a few relevant low-key, secret associate with is shown on international arena subsequently.

And exhibit the information on the meeting through international, we also can know the success of our country relevant domain conversely. Today, northland matters pertaining to defense (small letter ID: Sinorusdef) exhibit according to international say to be about to follow submarine of AIP of homebred foreign trade for the material on the meeting ” go to sea ” heavy-duty torpedo.

△ ” kylin ” advanced AIP submarine has become form the delegate product that Chinese war industry moves toward mart of high-end army trade

Torpedo can say is the weapon with the most conventional submarine, it is in ” impressions ” go up to be inferior to missile probably in that way pattern is much, lofty on, but because torpedo needs to overcome underwater obstruction to fight in extremely complex ocean, technical content is absolutely not low, the state that high-end torpedo can make on the world at present is very little also.

When Chinese war industry is exporting advanced AIP submarine, offerring torpedo of form a complete set to be able to say is imperative, locate and use from submarine in light of, the requirement that a light boat carries torpedo to go up in the amount is ambitious also at missile. For this, the heavy-duty torpedo that Chinese war industry rolls out index of the 3 technologies characteristic such as ET-38, ET-39 and ET-40, function to differ at the same time to the international market.

ET-38 is double fast make, go to heat up dynamical torpedo greatly greatly, system of control and guide is guided by the line and (end paragraph) end shedding guides oneself / phonic guide oneself composition. Can blast off from submarine or terrestrial underwater electropult, submarine, nuclear power submarine, large and medium-sized to convention surface naval ships, and even fixed target has charge. ET-38 diameter is the 534.4 millimeter, 6.255 meters long, biggest emissive weight 1.7 tons (battle ministry weighs 350 kilogram) , can 36 targets outside atttacking 30 kilometre with voyages of 50 two kinds of speek of a ship or plane. According to user demand, cannon-shot also can promote further to 50 kilometre.

Chinese boat trade reveals △ to go instead torpedo of missile, light-duty carrier-borne, carring capacity of ET-39 a light boat torpedo and MSS-01 submarine simulator / bait

ET-39 is one is similar to ET-38 go to heat up dynamical torpedo greatly greatly, fight utility is similar also, but technical characteristic differs somewhat. Those who be different from ET-38 is double fast make, ET-39 is 3 fast make torpedo, can 28, 3 kinds of 36 section, 50 speek of a ship or plane such as the section hit a target, this one change promoted the cannon-shot of torpedo, basic model can atttack the target outside 50 kilometre.

The framework of system of control and guide of ET-39 is similar but upgrade somewhat, its line guides became by copper cash more of the mainstream fiber-optic, end paragraph control and guide raised a pattern, flow to guide oneself besides use end when the attack that turn over naval vessel, also can use passive acoustic conductance; Necessary when, ET-39 still can change torpedo of body straight boat is used. Although acquire farther cannon-shot and more advanced technology, but change of photograph comparing ET-36 does not calculate the integral dimension of ET-39 to go up big, the total length of ET-39 is less than 6.5 rice, emissive weight is less than 1.8 tons.

Trade of △ China boat exhibits the ET-40 that exhibits on the meeting to heat up dynamical torpedo in international (on)

Use hot power unlike ET38/39, ET-40 is double fast make electrodynamic torpedo, can mix by submarine of submarine emissive attack large and medium-sized surface naval ships. The integral measure that adopts electrodynamic ET-40 increases somewhat, contain a line to guide the total length of discharge cabin amounts to 7 meters. What use with ET-40 place is electrodynamic the technology is consistent, the advantage of ET-40 is concealmenting at it quality, its noise is almost OK when sailing with 25 economic speek of a ship or plane ” flood ” in marine setting, combinative line guides the system can come true ” body of whole hidden from view ” .

△ ET-40 heavy-duty torpedo

The system of control and guide of ET-40 also is guide by the line, end shedding, phonic guide oneself / composition of passive acoustic conductance, but according to introducing, its whole technology is more advanced, can undertake underwater acoustic defy with step of better blow defend oneself comprehensive and advanced submarine is mixed surface naval ships. Of course, ET-40 also has a few to use electrodynamic the weakness with itself inherent place, that is cannon-shot of torpedo of motivation of photograph specific heat shorter, extremely fast slower.

The submarine of 2600 tons of class that △ China war industry exports is portable 18 heavy-duty torpedo or missile

Should say, 3 when Chinese war industry rolls out heavy-duty provide a characteristic each on characteristic of cost, technology, can satisfy the requirement of average client. Current, AIP submarine of China has exported Pakistan, Thailand, the rival that these countries face includes Russia ” Akula ” class nuclear-powered submarine, ” base the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces ” submarine, of France ” Zuo fish ” class submarine, and of Germany 209 model submarine. The pressure that faces torpedo of China of this one numerous strong opponent cannot call not quite, but believe they are capable to fulfil respective mission.

From the point of another angle, exhibit the data of technology of foreign trade torpedo that discloses on the meeting in international from Chinese war industry only, still can’t show the our country success in this one domain, exporting a weapon after all cannot be the most advanced. But in light of the basic message from these 3 torpedo, the heavy-duty torpedo development of our country is successive, pedigree apparently complete, 3 torpedo outlined the gradual progress history of heavy-duty torpedo roughly.