According to ” Thedrive ” the website reported recently, american navy is recently in training of native land flight, encountered a few strange, the flight object that cannot distinguish. Caused the attention of martial correspondent. American navy is not in charge of native land air defence, this is the duty of air force. Because this one reporter sends mail to air force at this point, try to enquire. But the female officer that air force is in charge of public concern pulled 6 months, also did not give out a clear answer, the empty day that allows this reporter to be able to guard American mainland to air force worries greatly.

[American naval air arm can encounter an UFO sometimes]

On September 19, 2019, this reporter basis the United States ” information publishs a law ” regulation, the female officer susan that is in charge of public concern to air force – Gower sent several mail, elaborated the UFO incident that goes a few years in detail, the hope can get solution. This reporter thinks, the F-22 of air force, F-15 and F-16 equiped generally active report is swept accuse a radar, have very strong target to discover ability. Accordingly, since naval plane discovered an UFO, and air force does not have discovery, air force gives out with respect to need an explanation. It is capable to guard American territorial air that this involves air force, the blame tradition that prevents and so on of cruise missile, unmanned aircraft is minatory.

[American naval F/A-18]

But this susan – Gower is very long did not write back, write to again and again in the reporter examine minutely under, she writes back eventually, say actually, the mail before this cannot be found. But the reporter is very glad still, because the other side replies somewhat at long last, he issued postal matter again, but all the time disappear forever. Arrived at the beginning of 2020, susan – the reply says Gower, oneself are in all the time be away on official business, be free to inquire concerned matters concerned to him, have never been heard of since again next.

[Air force is brunt of land air defence]

Complain in for no reason to state oneself are not, the reporter still sticks the check that gave come-and-go letter to pursue in the article.

This reporter thinks, discovered even bumblebee of American naval F/A-18 the UFO, deploy is in the air force battleplan of same airspace — include F-22 among them — won’t be without discovery, so, is air force had after all scrupulously and respectfully fulfil his duty to defend?

The reporter plaints helplessly finally say, in a few years of oneself and contact with of branch of American army public relations, this experience is most of disappointment letting a person and anger.