On Feburary 17, u.S. Army a P-8A go instead patrol opportunity is right in high seas the Chinese naval naval vessels of normal voyage, training forms into columns carry out touch close scout for long. Beautiful square stop talking does not carry its military plan to dog be close to me to form into columns, square ship aircraft and the personnel is safe danger in carrying out serious menace provoke action, instead for no reason censures in just carry out laser illuminate to this plane. The United States is provoked just behavior and censure bring shame on, be with hegemony ” logistic ” illuminate of its hegemony act perform again.

Long-term since, beautiful square dehisce shuts a mouth to talk ” the voyage is free ” , but what its pursue is standard of beautiful type hegemony, those who want is him ” infestation is free ” , legitimate to his country right and freedom are wanton impare and encroach. Be in early the period of card spy government 1979, the United States just was made ” voyage freedom plans ” , what challenge of in order to maintains by its one-sided is alleged his country ” beyond the mark ocean advocates ” , still be in up to now worldwide inside carry out often. Aircraft of ship of beautiful for military use with exercise ” the voyage is free ” for the name, undertake touching close scout to his country at every turn, encroach his country territorial sea and territorial air, even make use of ” the voyage is free ” carry a disturbance intentionally, encroach his country badly territorial sovereign rights and rights and interests, cause safe crisis many cases to conflict even accordingly. Of standard of this kind of beautiful type ” the voyage is free ” have apparent hegemonic feature, be free to sailing on law of nations system destroy and abuse.

1982 ” treaty of U.N. ocean law ” specific provision, high seas voyage and fly across freedom to want to be below this convention and the requirement that regulation of other law of nations sets exercise, want to consider the benefit of freedom of high seas of etc country exercise appropriately. China is the signatory of this convention, the United States is not signatory, but the habitual law of nations that announces formally early also to support and abide by convention place to reflect, include ” high seas is free ” principle. Chinese navy forms into columns according to law of nations in high seas the freedom of voyage of reasonable justly exercise, training is mixed the right, did not go to cloggy beauty square. Watch the United States instead square, did not fulfil obligation of oneself law of nations however, again in order to disobey the means exercise of law of nations hegemony of its beauty type ” free ” . U.S. Army P-8A goes instead patrol machine in be opposite, square naval ships was carried out long of close quarters circle a flight to be, form into columns for many times to warn a circumstance to fall to still keep stopping in Chinese navy, have very strong provoke gender, dangerous sex, cause misapprehensive miscarriage of justice very easily, the voyage that hampered Chinese navy forms into columns badly and training, serious menace is mixed to bilateral ship aircraft the safety of personnel, played havoc with maritime and safe order, disobeyed law of nations badly, belong to special not professional, insecure behavior.

This kind of behavior of U.S. Army plane disobeyed the consensus that Sino-US both sides reachs in domain of safety of maritime military affairs badly still, and relevant document spirit. Operate to raise sea air safe, reduce security risk and avoid maritime accident and conflict, sino-US signed ” the agreement that strengthens mechanism of negotiation of safety of maritime military affairs about building ” ” encounter about sea air of safe code of conduct forgive memorandum ” reach thirdly accessory, both sides is returned rather him on the west country of member of forum of Pacific Ocean navy was approved jointly ” maritime accident encounters regular ” . These files emphasized abiding by it is law of nations, dangerous to avoid operation, attend to each other are lawful the importance of rights and interests, it is Sino-US both sides is the gain that defends peace and stable joint efforts, for implementation of force of work of bilateral sea air force maritime safety was offerred important and how-to. But the legitimate rights and interests that U.S. Army plane forms into columns without navy of attend to China not only, return what carry out danger for long to provoke action, violate the regulation in afore-mentioned files and spirit badly already apparently. Actually, this kind of behavior of U.S. Army plane and oneself ” manual of commander of maritime act law ” the law that makes clear is regular also not conform to, this manual points out, military airplane has all sorts of flight activities in high seas when, must consider the right of etc country, consider the safety of etc plane and ship.

In the whole process that encounters with U.S. Army plane, the operation of square naval ships is safety, standard, professional in, accord with law of nations, international practice and Sino-US subscription relevant document spirit, the behavior of U.S. Army plane criterion rather. Below this kind of circumstance, the United States just does not admit, do not think over, the misfeasance that does not correct oneself, not consider a fact however, in censuring bring shame on, square naval ships was carried out to its plane alleged ” laser illuminate ” , oneself by do harm to person color victim. Apparent, this is intrigue of beautiful square baleful hype again put to good use, “Laser illuminate ” it is the pretext that its use hype only just. To acclaim and publish the opinion on public affairs of confuse right and wrong, confound right and wrong, beautiful square already do a familiar work with ease, be accustomed to sth. The United States just takes this kind of clumsy step, can not conceal its military plan the illegal sex that place of naval to China naval vessels takes action, provoke gender and dangerous sex, more clear instead reflection gives the hegemony that its pursue ” logistic ” .

According to accepted international regulation and international practice, chinese navy forms into columns enjoy in high seas normal voyage, training is mixed the right that handles weaponry, beautiful Fang Yingzheng is inspected and respect fact of this be related. Airplane of beautiful square military is carried out to Chinese naval naval vessels provoke action, the agree carries all consequence that cause accordingly and responsibility. The behavior that what the United States just should do most is him postmortem, suspend similar action, and rather than is right in just undertake for no reason censures bring shame on. (Zhang Chuanjiang)