On March 28, turkey Ministry of Public Health undertook a bulletin with respect to the number of case of illness of domestic newest diagnose. Data shows, in a few days of time that just go, turkey adds diagnose case newly 1704, accumulative total data exceeds 7400 people. Look suddenly under, this data does not calculate it seems that much, pass the data of 100 thousand at every turn relative to European country especially. But those who need an attention is, turkey can have detected case everyday at present, achieve 7641 merely, and whole Osmanli population, have 8300 much, additionally still millions comes from the refugee of the country such as Syria, Afghanistan, once future detects entirely, data can not close probably.

The result that no matter did not come,does not pass how, look now at least, these data can be accepted completely, because,also be such, turkey can have strength to spare to undertake other disposition, act to Syrian military affairs for instance. According to ” middle east daily ” (26 days of reports say AsharqAlAwsat)3 month, although the agreement of the Yidelibo that Russia and Turkey sign makes a tie, but from March the last ten-day of a month begins, turkey still begins to gain strength of clique military affairs to Syria. Include among them, send motorcade in great quantities from from Kafr Loussine pass through the territory of a country the dot enters Yidelibo to save, increase in observation chirp dot of place, the system of intermediate range air defence that deploy includes MIM-23 Hawk inside is waited a moment. Intermediary is analysed outside, at latest will be in in April the middle ten days of a month, turkey is met agreement of tear to shreds, start a war again.

The reason of Turkey secure in the knowledge that one has strong backing has a variety of. One of, before Turkey thinks the pressure that taking the advantage of virus infection still does not have advent, enlarge domain wildly. Secondly, the cease-fire agreement that the past and Russia sign, to Turkey, not successful. Since after beginning to patrol on March 15, because of the block the way of rebel army, make Russia early exited make one’s rounds to prevent, leave Turkey to stand fast alone. But the time of half month goes nowadays, turkey also begins savor a bitter pill to swallow, rebel army does not want to abandon their domain, so inscrupulously block the way, below this kind of circumstance, turkey also thinks just when the mood that uses rebel army, take the chance to carry a disturbance; The 3rd, it is the support that north briefs ally, let Turkey back harden.

“Chun Dun ” the action begins, about many national capital is opposite north the behavior that Turkey fights this kind in exotic nation is expressed not quite approbate, do not wish to dispatch troops support. But this is represented, do not have the support of other side. In fact, the much branch group that includes an U.S. Army inside, had offerred to Turkey amount to 11 CH-47 of large carriage helicopter secondhand equipment. Recently, also lending virus popular stunt, prepare the name that with be opposite the refugee of camping ground of Lu Ke class provides medical treatment to help, ship equipment to local Bolshevik. A variety of reasons, let Turkey feel, this acts, still can undertake.

? Of course, as the response, at present Syrian government army also had been near city of Sa Laji cloth deploy a batch of new reinforce unit. It is reported, be in Yidelibo’s area, russian appraise allied forces had controlled major domain now, opposite under, the foothold of Syrian rebel army however by little gobble up. To them, of domain decrease with respect to what mean income, because,also be such, just met in the past patrol of unbridled ground block the way.