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The basis is relevant recently media exposure; The Gong Jian of " of " a ready source of money of Chinese war industry – 12E is antitank missile greets " of " make a good beginning. Gong Jian – 12E is antitank missile is the fist product that northward industry opposes armour weapon, use sweep past fly technology of the system that attack a top, integral technology level is very advanced. This Chinese war industry overcomes epidemic situation influence to protect maintain a volume character on time consign delivers to " some country " buys the home. Revealed the public praise of our country war industry again.

Gong Jian – 12 antitank missile, it is company of Chinese northward industry be opposite to answer in new period international market demand. Beyond army the 3rd acting missile is the model such as " of spike of " javelin " , " target of research and development. A kind of Chan Bing that independent development goes the 3rd generation is antitank missile system, have independent intellectual property. Used a large number of advanced techniques, have after blasting off without giving thought to, dive attacks top, power big, round-the-clock fight ability, it is Chinese north on goods shelves of industrial company foreign trade newest the most advanced Chan Bing is antitank missile. Gong Jian – 12 antitank missile, play way 140 millimeter, farthermost cannon-shot achieves 4 kilometre, warhead uses series connection position, two warhead when hitting local armor are ordinal detonate, increased this capacity wearing nail that play effectively, the biggest deepness that wear nail achieved breathtaking 1000 millimeter divide evenly to make stencil steel. This model use infra-red / TV is become like control and guide, dive attacks a system, all whole world of OK and virtual breakdown is active service standing for war tank armor.

This Gong Jian – 12 antitank missile, it is northward industry company sells the 3rd generation first antitank missile, have milepost sense. Indicating our country foreign trade the 3rd generation is antitank missile obtains an international market to approbate, commerce of our country ammunition also will enter brand-new canto. Gong Jian 12E is antitank one of sells consign task is northward industry group major projects of missile, be taken seriously by the height of leader of factory of party card army. Gong Jian 12E is antitank of missile sell consign will enter international ammunition market to open breach for China, war industry of the China that help strength is broken through ceaselessly, continuously deep ploughing is abroad ammunition market.

The new coronal epidemic situation of arise suddenly, threw into confusion production, consign, examine goods the job. Face the epidemic situation with this roaring the force with which sth breaks out, war industry staff member regards as with this " of final examination of " epidemic situation, engineering group does not have the hesitation of a bit. Be in not any but endowment below the experience circumstance that draw lessons from, serve as in order to carry out examine the only standard of the truth. In darkness, before fumbling, go, break through multiple difficulty. Overcome epidemic situation, with " artisan the heart of " assures war industry character, protect maintain a volume character on time consign.

Although " n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine is numerous, dare not save surely artificial. Although,savour expensive, dare not reduce content surely. Long add up to nobody to see, know one day on purpose. "Face sudden large-scale infectivity disease, open a way of Feng Shan of " of Chinese war industry, encounter water to build bridge " . " with the perseverance like " of the Foolish Old Man removed the mountains, against time with time race. Innovation thinking, change Wei Weian. Pass with client " dawn with affection, the seeks a client with manage " understanding that use. Adopt this special period special pay task, chinese war industry overcomes epidemic situation, war industry character is protected maintain a volume character on time consign, defended a vainglorious title that Made In China makes a person this piece worth while trust.

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