Origin: Grand Chinese matters pertaining to defense

These year, as the consign of homebred aircraft carrier, chinese navy stepped age of Shuang Hang’s mother formally. So big like us country is affirmative won’t go no further hereat, because this more new-style electromagnetism eject aircraft carrier also is in,intensify construction in the center, future is homebred aircraft carrier is familial will become gianter and gianter, also become more and more pressing to the demand of carrier-borne train plane.

Regard an aircraft carrier as used carrier-borne coach machine, we need it to be able to suit not only picture ” Liaoning naval vessel ” , ” Shandong naval vessel ” fall since the in that way slippery board that jump over type, and can satisfy prospective eject aircraft carrier even case fall condition, one chance is much can, this brings bigger challenge to design and type selecting.

The competitive result that hears of plane of homebred carrier-borne train recently had come out, the JL-9H that those who win the bid is expensive boat ” seamount eagle ” . This circumstance still lets some one piece army friend feels mysterious, tell the truth nevertheless, look actually be like mysterious, also be in reason, “Seamount eagle ” winning the bid is inevitable.

so saying is not to say its function has many outstanding, if the problem that throws other reality actually does not consider, believe everybody can choose JL-10H ” sea falcon ” . Why? With respect to the whole because of this machine the design is compared ” seamount eagle ” should advanced, and the advantage of difference having generation.

Actually those boat phone equipment of what not be a problem, satisfying on of naval vessel demand transform can improve among the design add, but the problem on some airframe design changes not know clearly. Two model teach machine comparing high to rise, “Falcon ” the advantage is very clear still, among them the airframe life that the largest dominant position still amounts to 10000 hours of above in Yu Jigao, sturdy is durable it is the demand with the mainest engine of a coach, this to be born out of MiG of Yu Qiansu couplet – of 21 front fighter plane ” Shan Ying ” for, difference is very big.

Of course, go up in pneumatic layout ” falcon ” the advantage is likewise clear, the airframe compose of layout of groovy echelon swept back wing compare on function of low altitude low speed ” Shan Ying ” layout of ala of groovy double triangle is close friends a lot of, move naval vessel speed also wants low much, this also are one of index that carrier-borne machine values most.

The design of double hair also is ” falcon ” one large dominant position, maritime environment is more than be being gotten badly on land, it is saline mist is corroded not only wait for a problem with fresh gale turbulence, and still wait for harsh weather condition via haze of regular meeting occurrence mist. The opportunity for combat that single shot motive designs is in live force respect still cannot be mixed photograph of double hair type compares, more mix in the crash on boundless and indistinct sea what is more,the rather that parachute jumping, no matter be of successful rate or air man,living is very low on force. This also is air man of machine of U.S. Army carrier-borne when producing single shot breakdown, aux would rather choose long-distance flight to return terrestrial airport to descend, the main reason that also is not willing to take a risk on aircraft carrier.

Said so much, still must return reality however in the center. Reality is ” falcon ” the two А И that chooses in the beginning of design – 222 К – engine of fan of turbine of type of 25 thrust augmentation is Wukelanmadaxiji the product of the company. This company hanky-pankies just in the beauty nowadays under having facinging the condition that close down, because this engine also is not taken,arrived. Because the model of this machine is more special, belong to small thrust to take the engine of fan of eddy of thrust augmentation type of after burner, thrust of for military use has 2.5 tons only, thrust of the biggest thrust augmentation 4.2 tons, our country cannot find to be able to be replaced among existing type.

Although,redesign a similar type difficulty not quite, but the affirmation on time has not enough time, the demand plus this one type is not big also, the engine that develops a comfortable outfit technically is not actual also, accordingly this announced possibly also ” falcon ” capital punishment.

Did not think of performance is so excellent ” falcon ” still defeated function because of the problem of engine finally far apart ” Shan Ying ” , let a person feel indeed regretful, actually this machine can be mixed on the international market originally world-famous Jacques – 130, M-346 and A-50 ” Jin Diao ” one definitely of relative superiority or inferiority.